How we started...

SDS Software was founded by Graham Judd in 1998 after working for several years as an Electrical Project Manager in the construction industry.

Graham first started using computers in 1993 whilst temporarily living in Canada. At this time in Graham’s computer career, turning on the computer was something of a mystery. In his spare time he learnt how to use Excel, Word and as most people do, play games on their computers. His interest was further aroused when he started to ponder how the software on the computer worked and in the pursuit of this curiosity embarked on learning a computer programming language C and C++. Although he found computer programming interesting once the concept was understood the interest in pursuing it any further waned and eventually faded.

It wasn’t until 1996 when Graham returned from Canada re-entering the workforce first as a foreman and then Project Manager, he saw an opportunity to utilise his new found computer skills. As a Project Manager Graham was tasked with managing multi-million dollar projects requiring budget forecasting, purchasing, inventory, document tracking and reporting which at the time was either paper based and/or Excel spreadsheets. Although this worked, it was extremely inefficient and time consuming and he thought to himself there has to be a better way.

One day Graham was reading a MacWorld computer magazine and he read an article on FileMaker Pro. Immediately Graham saw the potential of what FileMaker Pro could do and set about developing his first custom app in FileMaker Pro 4. Not only was Graham’s first custom app a success it actually revolutionised the way all projects would be administered in the future.

During the next couple of years Graham began to realise his passion for developing custom apps was growing to the point that he decided to leave the construction industry and change his career to become a fulltime custom app developer.

Fast forward 20 years... SDS Software has now developed hundreds of apps for small and large companies Australia wide.


We care. We care about being the best in our field, we care about the solutions we deliver, and more importantly we care about our customers and enjoy helping them solve their problems.

Our goals are simple: to make technology simple to use and to provide exceptional customer service, every time.

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FileMaker Certified

This is the only credential authorised by FileMaker and demonstrates we have achieved an essential level of knowledge, experience, and skills in developing on the FileMaker Platform.